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Can You Benefit From Under Eye Fillers?

If you have tried using eye creams to get rid of dark circles or bags under your eyes with little success, under eye fillers offer a solution. Tear troughs, dark circles, and bags under your eyes can be caused by genetics, the natural aging process, or lifestyle factors—like not getting enough water or sleep.  How …

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What Will My Tummy Tuck Scars Look Like?

Most tummy tuck patients understand that scarring is the tradeoff for having a flatter abdominal area—and the confidence boost that follows. It’s still important to know what to expect if you’re wondering what your tummy tuck scar will look like after this transformative body contouring surgery. The appearance of all scars evolve with time. Tummy …

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Breast Implant Revision: Answers to 6 Important FAQs

While most women love their breast augmentation results, at some point or another, they will have to consider breast implant revision surgery. Some patients wait a decade or longer before opting for a newer set of implants, while others may require an adjustment sooner due to unexpected complications, updated aesthetic preferences, lifestyle changes, or age/gravity …

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Breast Lift Before and After Photos: With and Without Implants

Women seek breast lift surgery to reshape and elevate breasts that sag due to aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or gravity. When breast tissue loses its elasticity and firmness, breasts droop and may appear deflated. Some breast lift patients are content with the size of their breasts, while others want to combine augmentation with their lift. In …

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What Are Your Facial Plastic Surgery Options?

In a world where first impressions count, our faces play a pivotal role in how others perceive us. Over time, natural aging, genetics, and lifestyle factors can lead to changes in our facial appearance that may not reflect how we feel inside. Fortunately, advances in facial plastic surgery offer a wide range of options to …

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Unveiling IPL Photofacial Benefits

Do you want to turn back the clock on damaged, aging skin? An IPL Photofacial, or photo rejuvenation, is a safe, non-invasive solution that uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to restore the skin. Why are photofacials such a popular treatment among patients at our Langley med spa? Let’s explore some commonly asked questions about IPL …

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Forma vs Morpheus8: Which Is Right For Me?

Morpheus8 microneedling has solidified its reputation as one of the top nonsurgical skin tightening treatments. It provides an unparalleled microneedling depth of up to 8mm and pairs it with controlled pulses of radiofrequency energy for enhanced skin rejuvenation. You don’t need to Google “Fractora vs Morpheus8 vs Ultherapy®” (or whatever treatment is in vogue) to …

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Introducing the Latest in Facial Anti-Aging Technology: EMFACE™

Our patients have been asking our advice about cosmetic treatments and surgery for more than two decades. As a Plastic Surgeon, I am constantly being pitched by companies wanting me to utilize and endorse their latest device or product. Although innovation in the cosmetic surgical and wellness space is constant, many devices and products have …

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What Should You Look for in Tummy Tuck Before and After Photos?

Successful tummy tuck procedures produce truly transformative results. If you’re in the process of looking for a plastic surgeon to perform a tummy tuck, before-and-after photos are a good way to narrow your choices (along with patient reviews posted on independent websites.) At first glance, it’s easy to be amazed by the results shown in …

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When Should I Stop Shaving Before Laser Hair Reduction?

Laser hair reduction is a popular cosmetic procedure for many men and women. It's a noninvasive and virtually painless method for removing unwanted hair from various parts of the body, including the face, arms, chest, legs, and bikini area. If you're considering this treatment, here are a few things you should know to prepare for …

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