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At YES Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery Centre, we never forget that our priority is helping our patients to look and feel their best. We pride ourselves in the number of thrilled patients who happily share their experiences, and refer their friends and family to us for their Vancouver area cosmetic surgery needs. We are proud to share these patient testimonials with you in hopes that you find them informative, helpful, and inspiring.

Breast Surgery

Patient Perspectives By Barbara Johnston

These days, Marlane Potts, 53, is on cloud nine. Not only has she recently fallen in love, she’s just had a breast augmentation — something she’s wanted to do since she was in her 20s. We recently sat down with this youthful grandmother to talk about why she finally decided to have a breast augmentation in Vancouver and the powerful change it made in her life.*

What procedure did you have done?

I had a breast augmentation on April 19, 2002.

Why did you want to have a breast augmentation?

It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was in my mid-20s. All my life I’ve been absolutely flat — there was nothing there! While I felt I had accepted it and I didn’t let it eat me up, I always felt inadequate. When I was 25, I was going to have breast augmentation done but I was afraid of what my family would think and I got scared away from the idea. Then, about a year ago I was thinking about my life and my feelings about myself, and I realized that I’d lied to myself. I do want breasts! It just so happened that my daughter was also considering it at the time and she got me all excited about it, so I decided I’d just do it.

Why did you choose Dr. Mosher?

Both my hairdresser and a former colleague had had breast augmentations done by Dr. Mosher. Both said he was fantastic and had nothing but praise for him. And they were right. He doesn’t make it awkward. He’s a perfectionist but he makes you feel comfortable and relaxed at the same time. And he’s so gentle.

Just before this operation I had a breast cancer scare and they had to do a biopsy and I didn’t feel comfortable in front of all those people. It was horrible. So, after the cancer scare, which turned out to be nothing, the staff at Dr. Mosher’s office overwhelmed me with their caring and kind attitude. They’re really professional yet relaxed. The whole environment of the office and the staff make you feel so comfortable.

How has the surgery affected you?

I just feel so good. It’s probably not a noticeable difference. It’s just something inside of me. Simple things like going shopping for a bra, wearing a bathing suit and feeling good—simple things like that make me feel confident. It’s wonderful to go into a change room and not try to hide my body and to not want to layer my clothes on any more. I’m just in heaven, enjoying this summer. It’s a subtle confidence that you get — and it’s having a domino effect on my life. It’s subtle, but there is a difference.

Can you describe that difference?

I just feel like a total woman now. I feel like yah, I’m a real woman! Before I always felt less than, not enough. Now I feel like I’m complete. I don’t think people react to me differently. They don’t even notice because it’s nothing blatant.

So what else is different in practical terms?

I’ve never dressed like this (motions to her white, form-fitting tank top). I always wore lots of layers. You didn’t see me out in a bathing suit, and I’d never go swimming in public. I wear a bra now! I should have had the surgery done 20 years ago.

Did you tell many people?

No. Definitely not! It would have been disastrous if I’d told part of my family. I did tell my little sister. I also told both my children and they were all for it. My daughter in particular was very supportive. “Oh Mom, you’ve got to do it for yourself,” she said. My daughter really encouraged me, and she’s a big help. But it’s not something I really told a lot of people, just a few close friends. It’s not like I have huge breasts now but that’s what I like about it. I just did it so I would have a nice body instead of nothing.

What were you hoping for when you decided to have it done?

Just to have breasts! Simply that! You have got to know — there was nothing there before.

Did you have any health concerns?

I didn’t really worry about that — that’s how confident Dr. Mosher makes you feel. When you first go to him, he brings up the worst case scenario. I read the book on all the risks and I wondered, am I being foolish here? But then that all seemed to go away. Then I thought I really want to do this for myself, and I never thought about the risks again. There’s a flow that goes through that office and that builds your confidence.

How did you decide the size?

I sat down with Dr. Mosher during the consultation and he went over the options with me and showed me the samples they have available in the office. In my case, I went for the silicone gel, which a lot of people stay away from because of the problems associated with silicone. He shows you all the aspects, explains your body type and what will work best for you. People always think you just decide on your cup size — you’re going to be a 34C or a 34D or whatever. Dr. Mosher doesn’t do that. He emphasizes that everybody is different. “I can’t magically make you this number,” he said. His staff measure the width of your body and then show you the various implant samples. I was able to feel the different types, which was kind of neat since I’d never felt a breast before! Then they sit down with you and tell you about the different sizes and explain what each would look like on your body type.

I wanted a natural look and chose the silicone implants. I thought they were the best type for my body because I had nothing. The silicone implants I chose have to fit you in an exact way because they’re shaped before they go in. This is different from the saline implants, which the surgeon can move around after they’re put in. If Dr. Mosher wasn’t a really good surgeon, I could have come out looking quite lopsided! It’s precise work.

What size are you now?

I’m a 34C. So I went from a 0 to 34C. It’s hard to believe. So it’s a real treat!

How long did the surgery take?

One hour. I had it done at noon and I was on my way home by 4:00 p.m. I had a general anesthetic, so I was right out.

How was your recovery?

Quick! I couldn’t even sit up the first night because of the pain, and I couldn’t get out of bed without assistance. But after that first 24 hours, I started to feel better with every hour. Still I had to sleep in an upright position for the first three nights because I couldn’t lay down flat. It took three weeks for me to be able to toss things over my head and reach right up. For the first four weeks they tell you to be very careful, and for the first week they don’t even want you vacuuming your house. But still, you can return to work shortly after the surgery. There was swelling at first. I’ve noticed that they’ve really softened up since the surgery. It takes months before the breasts will settle to their natural place.

Do you have any scars?

I didn’t have one tiny little bruise and the scar is a hairline. That’s how perfectly Dr. Mosher did it. The incisions are about 2 1/2 inches across but they’re underneath the fold of the breast so they’re barely visible. When I had the biopsy done, I was all black and blue down my side, and I had a large scar. With Dr. Mosher there’s nothing.

Would you consider other procedures?

To have breasts was all I wanted! I’m not out to be something different. Breasts were just something the good Lord forgot to give me! I may have Dr. Mosher fix the scar from the biopsy down the line, but I’m not too worried about that. So I’m not going to be a beauty queen. I’m not really too worried. I’m just glad I have breasts!

Is it something you’d recommend?

Absolutely. I met a woman much like myself and now I’m really encouraging her because it really does make a difference. If I had not been worried about what my family thought, I would have had it done 20 years ago. I think there are some things that might have been different in my life in terms of confidence with your partner. Life is better when you’re confident about who you are.

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Facial Surgery

Patient Perspectives By Barbara Johnston

Karyl Mills is a dynamic and outgoing 53-year-old woman who loves her work as a teacher of children who are deaf and hard of hearing. She also breeds Labrador retrievers and enjoys traveling and competing in Field Trial, a specialized sport that simulates hunting for dogs. In June 2001, Karyl Mills had a facelift performed by Dr. Mosher. We recently sat down to talk to her about her experience.*

What procedures did you have done?

I had a full facelift as well as laser treatment under the eyes and collagen.

What made you decide to have a facelift?

I was at a stage in my life where I’d been through a lot of trauma and a lot of heartache. In the past three years, a person very close to me had passed away and I had survived a scare with breast cancer and serious breast surgery. Stress takes its toll on you physically and can show on your face. I was finding that the difference between what I thought I looked like and what I really looked like was incongruous. I would look in the mirror and would be surprised. I would think: “That’s not the person that I think should be looking back at me.” I was getting uncomfortable with that lack of a match between what I thought I looked like and what I really looked like. The other motivation — and it’s kind of funny — was that people were starting to treat me like a cute little old lady, and I really hated it! People would do something and I would think, “That’s exactly how people would treat my mother!” I didn’t want that. I want to look like a woman who’s aging gracefully. The facelift was something that I wanted to do for myself. I did it for self-care. I think it’s important for self-esteem, confidence, and personal comfort level to do things to take care of yourself.

Why did you choose Dr. Mosher as your plastic surgeon?

When I was considering the possibility of getting a facelift, I started to do a great deal of research and talked to a number of people, including plastic surgeons. I have an acquaintance in the United States who is a plastic surgeon, and he told me what I should be looking for in a plastic surgeon, which was vital information. I started keeping my eyes and ears open. I heard Dr. Mosher’s ad on the radio about one of his upcoming information seminars on plastic surgery, and I thought that this was a chance to assess him without getting too committed. At the seminar, I was really impressed with the fact that Dr. Mosher seemed to care as much about the medical side of the procedure as the cosmetic side. He talked a lot about the safety issues and addressed all the things that I was concerned about. He was very forthright and didn’t make any crazy promises. It was the feeling of self-assurance and quiet confidence that he gave that made me feel comfortable. I felt very good about him from that seminar so I went to have a private consultation, and he advised me on what to have done and that just solidified my confidence in him. He approaches plastic surgery as a partnership between doctor and patient, and together you work out the most reasonable and realistic way to proceed. I never felt any pressure from him, and this was a really important thing for me.

What were people’s reactions when you told them you were going to have this done?

I didn’t tell very many people. My really close friends thought that it was a great idea and that I had tremendous nerve to go ahead and do this. My younger sisters really wanted me to do it because they’re also considering plastic surgery and they wanted me to be their crash test dummy! (laughs)

Where was the surgery performed?

At the Valley Surgery Center in Surrey, BC. The entire facility exuded a feeling of competence. It’s also a lovely spa-like private facility where they’ve given attention to the soothing nature of the colours, the lovely furniture, even the pretty colour of the gown. All those things made it feel like a pleasant experience from start to finish, although I have to tell you I felt like hell when I woke up! (laughs)

How long was the surgery?

The surgery was 6 1/2 hours long and I had a general anesthetic. Dr. Mosher is so careful and the surgery is so meticulous that it’s very time consuming.

Did you go home the same day?

Yes, it’s day surgery. After the surgery, I had a few hours of recovery time and then went back home. The staff is there just for you. The facility is yours for the day. The surgeon is yours, the anesthetist is yours, the technician is yours, the recovery nurse is yours. (I was a little too groggy to appreciate that!) You have to be accompanied to go home, and you have to have someone there to care for you for the first 24 hours following surgery. You have to sleep sitting up for the first few days, which I thought would be tough, but it wasn’t a problem at all.

Did you experience any pain?

It was uncomfortable more than painful. There was the discomfort of lots of swelling, which I could control with cold compresses. When I’d try to eat, it would swell again and it was uncomfortable. I’d be able to eat about three bites and then everything became so swollen, it was too uncomfortable to eat more. Also, I felt tightness around my throat for a few months afterwards.

I was impressed with the fact that Dr. Mosher seemed to care as much about the medical side of the procedure as the cosmetic side. He was very forthright and didn’t make any crazy promises. It was the feeling of self-assurance and quiet confidence that he gave that made me feel comfortable.

How long did the recovery take?

It was an amazingly quick recovery. Within five days the discomfort started to abate and I was able to spend more and more time sitting up and eating. It was surprisingly unpainful.

How long after the surgery before you felt and looked great?

I stayed home for a week and then went back to work still looking a little bruised, but I covered the bruising up with a bit of makeup and it was nothing that anybody commented on. From the time I had the surgery until I could really hold my head up high was about three weeks. It was amazing to me. I expected months and months of discomfort.

What were people’s reactions after the surgery?

It was a subtle thing and a lot of people didn’t notice. People would ask me: “Did you change your hair? Did you lose weight?” I enjoyed that feeling of knowing something others didn’t. I didn’t advertise it. Of my close friends, everyone was very pleased and thought I looked great – and I felt like I looked great. My sisters were also pleased with the results and now they’re considering plastic surgery down the line.

How much did it cost?

The facelift, laser, and collagen was about $11,000. At first I thought that was atrociously expensive, but when I worked it out over the amount of time Dr. Mosher spent with me prior to the surgery, the number of office visits with him afterward, the private surgical facility, and the staff on the day of surgery, I figure that it isn’t all that expensive if you look at it as an hourly rate. In total I had at least seven visits with Dr. Mosher. He was very open to questions and to explaining all aspects of the procedure. You pay for the expertise and the care. It’s not inexpensive, but I don’t think it’s out of line.

Would you consider more procedures?

Yes I would, but not to chase after any kind of a dream — just to age gracefully. I’ve actually been back a couple of times to talk about future maintenance. I’m thinking of having my eyes done a little bit down the road. I want to age gracefully. I don’t want to look 25, but I do want to look like a really good 53, like I really take care of myself. I want to look lovely, gracious, calm — not pulled tight. I’m not chasing after an impossible dream of youth. I would just like to be able to look calm and comfortable with myself.

How has the plastic surgery affected you?

It’s not even a tangible thing. I don’t know how you put your finger on it, but the feeling after the plastic surgery was “Yes! This is who I am!” I don’t think I came out of it a great beauty or looking any differently than I thought I looked. It was really a confirmation of “Yes, yes, this is what I look like. I’m back in the game!” It’s a tremendous confidence builder because I think that one of things that happens as you age is you lose that match between your internal view of yourself and your external view. It can erode your confidence, even if you’re a massively confident person. So one of the things plastic surgery can give back to you is a level of confidence. I don’t want to give the impression that if you’ve never had any confidence that plastic surgery will give it to you. But when you start to feel uncomfortable with people because you know the face they’re looking at isn’t the face you’d like to be presenting, then plastic surgery can get that match back.

Liposuction & Tummy Tuck

Patient Perspectives By Barbara Johnston

Martha Forbes, who recently had a tummy tuck and liposuction in Vancouver, will be featured on the TV show Skin Deep this fall. For her, the procedures were part of a process of finding balance in her life. Dr. Mosher sat down with Martha in August to hear her story.*

How did you hear about Dr. Mosher?

I met Dr. Mosher at the BC Women’s Show about eight years ago. The coordinator introduced us and I was immediately comfortable with him. It was a huge, noisy trade show, but he was this island of calm and tranquility amongst the uproar of women doing makeup and fashion. He was impeccable and friendly, and he made a huge impression on me. I kept his business card for all those years.

Why did you want to have a tummy tuck and liposuction?

Since I was 20 I’ve had seven surgeries and procedures in my pelvic region. I’ve had an ovarian cyst removed, my appendix removed, cervical cancer, and many laproscopies. I’ve also had fibroids removed twice, and then about four years ago I had an emergency hysterectomy. The bottom line is that I’ve been cut so many times in the pelvic area, I have absolutely no muscles in my abdomen. It was like I had ten pounds of butter, melted and then tied in a plastic bag really tight. I couldn’t look in the mirror and get past that. For this reason, I’ve wanted a tummy tuck for years. I know you’re supposed to love your body no matter what God gives you, but He didn’t give me that. It was the product of all the surgeries. I just couldn’t find balance with this pouch I had. My first decision was to have a tummy tuck. I then decided to extend the surgery to having liposuction around my hips and rib cage.

Did you have any other reasons for wanting the surgery?

About a year and a half ago I was at a real low point in my life. I was clinically depressed and unhappy with every aspect of myself. At one point it became very clear to me that my mental and physical health had to come before anything else in the world. I realized that if I’m not mentally and physically fit, then I’m no good for anybody. I started to see a psychologist who helped me to establish priorities. That’s what started me on the path to overall wellness. My mental and physical health is first, then comes my family, and next comes my passions, which are related to my work and hobbies. My psychologist kept asking me, “What makes you feel best both inwardly and outwardly?” It was part of the process of putting myself on the road to wellness and balance. I started working on my mind and spirit first, focusing on my self-confidence, my self-worth, and my self-esteem. As I started to feel better mentally, my body was the next part to tackle. I just wanted to get my body in balance, and this meant eating correctly, drinking enough water, sleeping correctly. But I couldn’t get past the fact that I had this ugly pouch on my stomach. A whole bunch of sit-ups wouldn’t have changed my figure. I’m a firm believer that if you have an issue and you want it fixed, there are a number of ways to go about it. Plastic surgery was just a different option, not a right option or a wrong option. For me it was a matter of believing in something, and going ahead with it.

How did your family and friends feel about you having the surgery?

I think that a number of people thought I was doing it so men would find me more attractive. But, you know, it had nothing to do with them. It was so intensely personal that it had nothing to do with anybody else in the world, male or female. Having the surgery was about me figuring out what I wanted and what makes me feel best. I realized that people may not understand this, they may not agree with me about this, but it’s about time I start making my own decisions.

Can you tell me about the consultation process with Dr. Mosher?

He’s very responsive to what you want, but would never jeopardize your health. He listens to your wishes and gives you advice about health and leads you in the right direction. He never said no, but discussed alternatives and came up with other options. It’s very much a collaboration. It’s sort of like you’re the artistic director and he’s building the set.

How was your experience with Dr. Mosher and his staff?

The staff is to die for. They’re amazing. You walk in there and it’s like a bunch of girlfriends going to the spa for the day. It’s not like a hospital. I had too much fun!

Even the anesthesiologist made a great impression. When I was having the surgery they even took care of my mother! Afterwards they called me to check up on me. They were very strict but an absolute joy to be with. You walk in and everybody says, “Hi Martha.”

Your surgery will be televised on the show Skin Deep this fall. How did that come about?

I first talked to Dr. Mosher and got his advice and ideas. Then I contacted Skin Deep to find out about the possibility of being profiled on the show. I like the show because it gives women information and hope that something can be done if they’re unhappy with some aspect of their body. After I started talking to Skin Deep, I went back to Dr. Mosher and talked about the options and decided on what I wanted to have done.

How did you feel about sharing something so personal and knowing it would be televised?

I wanted to make this information available to other women who might be considering plastic surgery. I’ve known women in the past who think they’re tricking everybody when they go off to have plastic surgery. They say they’re either sick or going on vacation. Then they come back and it’s fairly obvious that they’ve had something done, but it becomes a great secret. Instead of rejoicing that this woman feels better about herself, it becomes a taboo subject. Why keep it in the closet when it’s helping so many women and making them happier? It’s like being an addict who’s recovered and never talks about it because they’re okay now. I don’t think it should be a secret, I don’t think it should be taboo. Obviously I’m not embarrassed about having plastic surgery or I wouldn’t have gone on TV.

How was it working with Dr. Mosher in front of a television crew?

Dr. Mosher is always very professional when you’re working with him. When we were working on the show, and not in the surgical or examining room, he got a twinkle in his eye and his sense of humour really came out.

Were all the procedures done at once?

Yes, they were. The surgery lasted several hours. But I’ve gone through so many surgeries it was almost normal to be on the operating table.

How did you feel before the surgery?

I had no pre-surgery anxiety. Other people were worried because of the usual anesthesia problems that could show up. My sister was very worried. My mom, who was there the whole time, was worried. On Skin Deep, a lot of women are crying and shaking before the surgery, and I think that’s a very natural reaction, but I had no worries. Before I went in I knew that I was doing the right thing. I went in there and said, “Come on guys, let’s go.” I knew it was right. I knew Dr. Mosher was right. When I arrived at the surgical centre, I literally jumped out of the cab, grabbed my mom, and ran in.

How was the recovery?

There was pain. It was quite an extensive surgery, and afterwards it hurt. The first three days were the worst. Every muscle in your stomach is connected, so even looking at your toes hurt. There was a lot of swelling and I bruise very easily. My abdomen was black. Dr. Mosher said I was a very impressive bruiser!

At what point did you start to feel good after the surgery?

I would say after about seven or eight days. After about a week, standing up and sitting down was fine. After two weeks I was walking around. After three weeks I got the go-ahead from Dr. Mosher to do whatever I wanted. It was gradual.

How do you feel since you had the procedures?

I feel so much closer to having the balance I’ve been looking for. For me it was the right decision. I don’t regret anything. Afterwards I just wanted to dance and sing. I’ve never been happier in my life. Even though life is still a bit complicated, I wouldn’t want to be anybody else in the world. I like who I am both mentally and physically. Achieving that sense of balance and sense of well-being is spectacular. I wish that for every woman in the world. To me, the surgery was just another stepping stone towards balance. It’s a wonderful feeling when it all comes together.


Clay St. Thomas on BOTOX COSMETIC® Treatment by Terence Little

From Autumn 2002 Issue

Vancouver DJ talks about his on-air BOTOX® treatment

Clay St. Thomas has long been a popular part of Vancouver radio, currently as one of the JRfm Waking Crew. Clay recently received BOTOX® injections from Dr. Mosher on-air during his morning show. Here’s what he had to say about it.*

What sparked the idea of getting BOTOX COSMETIC® injections on the air?

Well, it was really my co-host Karen Daniel’s idea. We’ve both been reading so much about BOTOX COSMETIC® these days and we know it’s a hot topic, so we’ve been thinking about how to incorporate it into the show. We were joking around in the office one day and Karen said, “I have a naturally youthful face” — and she does, she’s got a baby face — “so it wouldn’t do me any good. But you could sure use it!” I told her I wasn’t afraid. Bring on the needles, I said, I’ll do it. I thought we were just joking around. But when I came into work the next day, she’d already set it up!

So you were a little surprised. But were you averse to the idea?

No, not at all. I’m certainly not anti-vanity; I’ve been colouring my hair for longer than most people. My philosophy is that if by making yourself look better, you feel better, and as long as you’re not hurting anyone including yourself, then do it.

I don’t think I would have searched it out for myself, at least not at this point in my life. My perception was that it’s not for someone my age — I’m turning 40 in the fall. Well, I think I was wrong. Because having seen the difference, I realize why people want to do this.

What did you think the treatment was going to be like?

I initially thought I’d be getting injections to get rid of the wrinkles in my forehead, which I’ve had since I was 21. I think it’s a family trait. But when I met Dr. Mosher he recommended not treating them because I needed my natural muscle tone to maintain my brow position, which is naturally a bit lower.

So what did he decide to treat?

When we met that morning he examined my face and told me that the lines around the corners of the eyes and between them would be excellent candidates for BOTOX COSMETIC®. I’ve had the beginnings of crow’s feet and smile lines for a long time. So the focus was on these other areas.

What was the treatment like? Was there any pain?

No, there wasn’t really any pain; it’s not even like a flu shot. There was only one tiny needle used on all the different points. I think I was stuck maybe ten to twelve times. It was all done in the middle of one of our breaks on the air. Before I knew it, it was all done.

“After about the third day, my wife was surprised at the results. She said, ‘You know, you look less tired.’ And for me that’s a big thing.”

Were there any side effects?

I could tell I had been poked by something and I had a little bit of bruising around the corner of one eye. But nothing that anyone else noticed. After a day it was gone.

So what did you think of the results?

Well, I hadn’t realized how strong those lines are in between and around my eyes until I saw them lessened. I mean, it’s subtle, it’s not like there’s a whole new me or anything, but there was definitely a difference.

Dr. Mosher said it was going to take three to four days before I’d start to notice a difference. After about the third day, my wife was surprised at the results. We’re always sleep deprived, getting up as early as we do. So that’s been the biggest change. It’s not, like, it’s taken years off my life. But I look less tired. And that’s really worth something to me.

You mentioned on the air that your wife was a little concerned about the procedure.

Oh yes, she said to me, “You agreed to do what on the air? That’s a medical procedure and you’re doing it on the radio!?” I didn’t know much about Dr. Mosher at that time, but I knew he was a reputable plastic surgeon and that the procedure would be fine.

You also suggested that your family, who would be listening, would give you a hard time. Did they?

Oh for sure! Just because it’s a vanity thing, or at least they would see it that way. My defense, of course, is that it wasn’t originally my idea — although I’m inclined to go and get it done again.

Do you think they gave you a hard time because of the stereotypes around plastic surgery or because you’re a man?

Both. My family and friends know I’m into self-improvement; I started colouring my hair blonde back in 1994. So they found it kind of cute that I decided to get BOTOX COSMETIC®. And, of course, there’s the usual stigma around plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures.

Do you think that stigma is as prevalent as it once was?

No, I think it’s falling down fast. I mean, just look at the number of guys signing up for spa treatments and stuff like that — myself included. The numbers are through the roof. We’re their fastest-growing customer base. And it’s all related. Once you get people used to that as a way of life, it’s a very short jump to actually doing something a little more concrete to help your appearance.

Do you get a lot of people commenting on the difference?

Yes. The people who know me well, like family and close friends, noticed the difference. And Karen, who sits across from me and sees me more often than my wife does, said she definitely notices a difference.

Do you think you will do BOTOX COSMETIC® again?

Yes, for sure. Now that I’ve been so public about doing BOTOX COSMETIC®, I can’t exactly go around with these creases around my eyes, can I?

Maybe you can have Dr. Mosher back on the show.

Yes, it would be another good opportunity to educate our listeners about BOTOX COSMETIC®.

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Dr. Mosher and his staff are awesome! I highly recommend YES Medspa for anyone who wants to treat themselves with the most innovative treatments for looking and feeling their best. Thank you Dr. Mosher and all the staff.
S. B.*

Dr. Mosher and his Medspa staff are very friendly and very professional. I think they are all fantastic I am very HAPPY! HAPPY! with my results!
G. S.*

Dr. Mosher…All of your staff are always professional. Courteous and seem genuinely interested in the clients. They are great!
L. C.*

Everyone at YES Medspa are soooo nice and amazing. I actually like coming in and socializing! The staff are wonderful! I am considering additional cosmetic treatments and want to begin a relationship while still young(ish) for the future and I fell I have.
C. L.*

Dr. Mosher, your Medspa staff have been a wealth of knowledge and great information as well as being very supportive. Thank you!
C. C.*

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