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Men have different aesthetic preferences than women when it comes to cosmetic plastic surgery near Vancouver, BC. Below, you will find several of the most common concerns. Click on any of the links to learn more.

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Male Plastic Surgery Questions

What causes “male breasts” to develop?

Benign enlargement of the male breasts is called gynecomastia, and it is a surprisingly common condition. Some degree of gynecomastia has been shown to be present in more than one-third of adult males, and it tends to become more prevalent with age. The condition commonly develops in 3 stages of life: in infancy, during puberty and after age 50.

The first peak occurs in the neonatal period and is believed to be a result of maternal hormones influencing breast tissue growth. Somewhere between 60% and 90% of newborns demonstrate this to some degree. The second peak occurs during puberty and can affect up to 70% of young males ages 10 to 14. In most cases, the enlargement regresses over a period of 1 to 3 years, but it can persist in as many as 8% of males. The final group of males that show an increase in breast tissue development are those older than age 50. For adult males, there are uncommon medical causes for gynecomastia that should be ruled out prior to having elective surgery. In most cases, Dr. Mosher will be able to perform a 1 to 2-hour long surgery procedure that will permanently improve the appearance of the male chest.

Can I get rid of my male breasts by losing weight?

True gynecomastia cannot be corrected with diet and exercise because the problem is enlarged breast tissue combined with breast fat that is very resistant to change with diet and exercise. Weight loss will only be effective in those whose large breasts are caused by additional fat. Surgery is the best approach for correcting breast tissue enlargement.

In Vancouver, liposuction alone is successful in many cases. However, a combination of liposuction and direct tissue excision may be necessary. The development of LAL (laser assisted liposuction), UAL (ultrasound assisted liposuction) and improved surgical instruments has led to more successful outcomes with fewer complications. When liposuction is performed in isolation, there is less external scarring, faster recovery and potentially fewer and less serious surgical complications. The best surgical approach can only be determined after a consultation with Dr. Mosher. In most instances, male breast reduction is a day-surgery procedure involving a combination of LAL and direct surgical tissue removal, and patients can return to most activities within 7 to 10 days.

Will facial plastic surgery make me look “worked on”?

Men are often worried about looking as though they have had plastic surgery because they feel it undermines their masculinity. Dr. Mosher understands this concern. He has a great deal of experience refining elements of the face such as the jaw, nose and eyes for his male patients to create discreet results. He places incisions carefully to avoid visible scarring and avoids a feminine appearance by sculpting youthful, yet masculine, features. Facial rejuvenation using carefully placed shorter facelift incisions that respect men’s hairlines and their sensitivity about cosmetic surgery detection is commonly performed. For even more discreet rejuvenating procedures, non-surgical techniques will be recommended when appropriate.

How can I improve my appearance without surgery?

Rather than taking the place of surgical treatments, most non-surgical treatments are used to complement them. Sometimes these procedures are viewed as “introductory” procedures that can delay the need for surgical intervention. These new treatments have allowed younger patients to begin having procedures to diminish the signs of aging or delay their onset. Some advances include the use of BOTOX COSMETIC® treatments to control unwanted facial muscle activity, fillers for facial creases and depressed scars, lasers to improve skin appearance and skin care treatments to optimize your skin health.

Patients have a large selection of treatments to choose from and need detailed advice to make the right decisions to achieve their goals. These less-invasive procedures have greatly improved our ability to tailor treatments to meet patient needs. Plastic surgeons can now individualize treatments to address aesthetic goals and manage post-treatment recovery time as well as find solutions that work within the budget of all clients.

How do I get rid of stomach fat?

Men tend to store excess fat around their abdomens, which is why some of the most popular procedures for men include liposuction often using SmartLipo technology. Liposuction is an effective treatment for men who are bothered by “love handles” because it reduces isolated pockets of fat. A tummy tuck can be used when excess loose skin on the abdomen is the problem. Dr. Mosher will evaluate your current physical condition and recommend the best course of treatment. Newer non-surgical treatments such as Emsculpt Neo are an excellent way to reduce stubborn body fat by up to 30% and improve muscle tone and shape by up to 25% without any downtime. For those who are not ready for surgery, these non-invasive treatments are a great option. 

Will people notice if I have BOTOX COSMETIC® treatments?

BOTOX® treatments are very popular wrinkle treatments for men because they reduce prominent facial creases quickly with few tell-tale signs of having had the procedure. Dr. Mosher performs BOTOX® treatments himself in order to provide the most natural-looking results possible. You will notice that you look refreshed and rested, not overly tight or “frozen.”

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