Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

Women and men from throughout Vancouver, B.C., considering upper and lower eyelid surgery travel to our Langley practice to benefit from our surgeons’ expertise in facial plastic surgery procedures. Eyelid surgery can give you a refreshed, more rested and alert appearance without looking unnatural.

Your Blepharoplasty Options

Our surgeons can perform blepharoplasty on the upper or lower eyelids, or both during a single operation. He customizes the procedure to address the specific concerns of each patient. Eyelid surgery can treat many common aesthetic concerns related to this area of the face, including:

  • Fatty deposits causing bags or puffiness
  • Dark circles, caused by hollow areas below the eyes
  • Droopiness and laxity that may be severe enough to obscure vision
  • Fine lines, creases, and wrinkles around the eyes

At your consultation, your surgeon performs a thorough exam to ensure that eyelid surgery is an appropriate treatment path. In some cases, for example, the surgeon may recommend a minimally invasive brow lift along with upper eyelid surgery to better rejuvenate the brow and forehead areas. Or your surgeon may believe that filler injections can provide the desired results for patients concerned about dark circles under their eyes.

Dr. Matthew Mosher

Dr. Mathew Mosher

Royal College-Certified Plastic Surgeon

As the Medical Director at YES Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Mosher takes great pride in helping patients understand their procedures, explaining the details and answering questions so that they are confident in their choices. Dr. Mosher and the rest of the experienced team at YES take a personalised approach to patient care utilizing experience and expertise sets them apart.

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Upper Eyelid Surgery

You may have had heavy upper eyelids your whole life, or this may be a condition that has developed with age. Whatever the cause, overhanging, droopy eyelids can contribute to a tired, aged appearance. They may even interfere with your peripheral vision. Eyelid surgery can create a more open, alert-looking appearance.

During upper eyelid surgery, a surgeon makes a well-concealed incision along the natural crease of the upper eyelid through which he tightens lax skin and reduces excess fat. In some cases, surgeons will alter the muscle that lifts the eyelid to correct drooping and open up the eye. Our surgeons typically perform blepharoplasty at our surgery centre using local anesthesia with sedation or light general anesthesia.

YES Medspa

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Asian Blepharoplasty (Double Eyelid Surgery)

Patients of Asian descent may have an eyelid crease that is very shallow to non-existent, which causes the skin beneath the brow to overhang the lashes and even part of the eye. These patients also tend to have thicker skin than Caucasian patients, and more fat in the upper lid. As a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada with extensive training, Dr. Mathew Mosher understands the unique needs of Asian blepharoplasty patients and can make the precise alterations necessary to create a more open, contoured upper eyelid that enhances rather than changes your appearance.

Vectra 3D Imaging

VECTRA® 3D Imaging

Get a preview of results with the state-of-the-art VECTRA 3D imaging system. You’ll feel more confident going into surgery after getting a “sneak peek” of your potential outcomes.

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Lower Eyelid Surgery

Under-eye puffiness can be the result of heredity, aging, or both. As we grow older, the skin and muscle of the lower lid lose elasticity, and the fat can become more prominent under the eyes. These bags are often associated with a fatigued appearance and contribute the dark circles that can be difficult to cover with makeup.

Our surgeons perform lower eyelid surgery to tighten lax skin and reduce the appearance of fat pouches beneath the eyes. For patients throughout British Columbia, blepharoplasty at our practice can help smooth wrinkles, reduce puffiness, and give the undereye area a more youthful look. Our surgeons also perform canthopexy, a specialized procedure for patients whose lower eyelids sag downward at the outer corners.

This is also an outpatient procedure performed at our surgery centre using local anesthesia with sedation or light general anesthesia, both of which allow for a relatively comfortable experience and a rapid recovery. Our surgeons use either a well-concealed incision beneath the lower lashes or a scar-less approach called transconjunctival blepharoplasty.

If there is a significant degree of excess, wrinkled skin, your surgeon may recommend the first approach, which uses a very fine incision and allows for optimal smoothing of skin and alteration of underlying tissues. If your main concern is fatty pouches, your surgeon may recommend the scar-less approach, which involves an incision on the inside of the lower lid. This technique allows for the reduction and repositioning of fat beneath the eyes to create a firmer, smoother appearance.

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Recovery and Results

For a few days after your procedure, you will probably experience mild discomfort, which is easily managed with pain medication and cool compresses. This is true for both upper and lower eyelid surgery patients. Swelling and bruising typically subside over the course of 1 to 3 weeks, during which time your results will become more noticeable. You may resume wearing contact lenses and makeup after 4 or 5 days, but strenuous activities should be avoided for at least 2 weeks.

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