Microtox, also known as “Baby BOTOX” or “Skin BOTOX,” is a quick, in-office treatment that helps you achieve ‘glass-like’ skin. We are excited to now offer this treatment to patients from Burnaby, Vancouver, Langley and all over the Fraser Valley

How Does Microtox Work? 

Small doses of BOTOX® are superficially injected all over the face using a shallow micro-stamping device—similar to the one used in our micro-stamping with liquid gold dermal infusion procedure. 

This fast and simple treatment helps to reduce oil production, which, in turn, can reduce the size of visible pores and improve inflammatory skin conditions such as acne and rosacea

What Are the Benefits of Microtox? 

Getting skin BOTOX as a “pre-juvenation” treatment can help: 

  • Reduce pore size 
  • Reduce oil production 
  • Calm skin inflammation 
  • Create dewy, glass-like skin 
  • Improve skin texture  
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What To Expect With Microtox 

Microtox has no downtime, and the results are visible within 24 to 48 hours. Patients can typically enjoy their refreshed appearance for 4 to 8 weeks before they may need a touch-up treatment. We recommend that you come in every 3 months for the best results. 

Keep in mind that Microtox does not replace BOTOX treatments if your goals are to reduce dynamic wrinkles and treat similar cosmetic concerns. Instead, it is a skin texture-improving treatment that complements your daily skincare routine and other facial rejuvenation procedures. 

To learn more about Microtox treatments, please request a consultation with our Royal College-certified plastic surgeon and aesthetic expert, Dr. Matthew Mosher, or call YES Medspa & Cosmetic Surgery Centre at (604) 888-9378.

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