BTL Unveils the Future of Double Chin Treatments: Available at YES Medspa

At YES Medspa, we are always looking for the newest, evidence based technology to solve the common concerns of our clients. the dreaded ‘double chin’ effects many, and with the integration of the smartphone and ‘doom-scrolling’ on social media into our daily lives, our necks and jawlines have taken a hit!

At YES we offer many treatment options to help improve the ‘double-chin’ and define the jawline. Everything from surgery (liposuction), to injectables and even minimally invasive treatments such as Morpheus 8. We are very excited to add a non-invasive, and  comfortable treatment option to those wanting to improve their jawline definition and reduce unwanted submental fat, without downtime or discomfort.  EMFACE, the newest and revolutionary treatment that addresses the loose skin, connective tissue and underlying muscles of the face, can now address the same concerns under the jaw.

Learn more about the advancements and options for treating your double chin, call 604-888-9397 or Request a Consultation.


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