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Clay St. Thomas on BOTOX COSMETIC® Treatment by Terence Little

From Autumn 2002 Issue

Vancouver DJ talks about his on-air BOTOX® treatment

Clay St. Thomas has long been a popular part of Vancouver radio, currently as one of the JRfm Waking Crew. Clay recently received BOTOX® injections from Dr. Mosher on-air during his morning show. Here's what he had to say about it.*

What sparked the idea of getting BOTOX COSMETIC® injections on the air?

Well, it was really my co-host Karen Daniel's idea. We've both been reading so much about BOTOX COSMETIC® these days and we know it's a hot topic, so we've been thinking about how to incorporate it into the show. We were joking around in the office one day and Karen said, "I have a naturally youthful face" — and she does, she's got a baby face — "so it wouldn't do me any good. But you could sure use it!" I told her I wasn't afraid. Bring on the needles, I said, I'll do it. I thought we were just joking around. But when I came into work the next day, she'd already set it up!

So you were a little surprised. But were you averse to the idea?

No, not at all. I'm certainly not anti-vanity; I've been colouring my hair for longer than most people. My philosophy is that if by making yourself look better, you feel better, and as long as you're not hurting anyone including yourself, then do it.

I don't think I would have searched it out for myself, at least not at this point in my life. My perception was that it's not for someone my age — I'm turning 40 in the fall. Well, I think I was wrong. Because having seen the difference, I realize why people want to do this.

What did you think the treatment was going to be like?

I initially thought I'd be getting injections to get rid of the wrinkles in my forehead, which I've had since I was 21. I think it's a family trait. But when I met Dr. Mosher he recommended not treating them because I needed my natural muscle tone to maintain my brow position, which is naturally a bit lower.

So what did he decide to treat?

When we met that morning he examined my face and told me that the lines around the corners of the eyes and between them would be excellent candidates for BOTOX COSMETIC®. I've had the beginnings of crow's feet and smile lines for a long time. So the focus was on these other areas.

What was the treatment like? Was there any pain?

No, there wasn't really any pain; it's not even like a flu shot. There was only one tiny needle used on all the different points. I think I was stuck maybe ten to twelve times. It was all done in the middle of one of our breaks on the air. Before I knew it, it was all done.

"After about the third day, my wife was surprised at the results. She said, 'You know, you look less tired.' And for me that's a big thing."

Were there any side effects?

I could tell I had been poked by something and I had a little bit of bruising around the corner of one eye. But nothing that anyone else noticed. After a day it was gone.

So what did you think of the results?

Well, I hadn't realized how strong those lines are in between and around my eyes until I saw them lessened. I mean, it's subtle, it's not like there's a whole new me or anything, but there was definitely a difference.

Dr. Mosher said it was going to take three to four days before I'd start to notice a difference. After about the third day, my wife was surprised at the results. We're always sleep deprived, getting up as early as we do. So that's been the biggest change. It's not, like, it's taken years off my life. But I look less tired. And that's really worth something to me.

You mentioned on the air that your wife was a little concerned about the procedure.

Oh yes, she said to me, "You agreed to do what on the air? That's a medical procedure and you're doing it on the radio!?" I didn't know much about Dr. Mosher at that time, but I knew he was a reputable plastic surgeon and that the procedure would be fine.

You also suggested that your family, who would be listening, would give you a hard time. Did they?

Oh for sure! Just because it's a vanity thing, or at least they would see it that way. My defense, of course, is that it wasn't originally my idea — although I'm inclined to go and get it done again.

Do you think they gave you a hard time because of the stereotypes around plastic surgery or because you're a man?

Both. My family and friends know I'm into self-improvement; I started colouring my hair blonde back in 1994. So they found it kind of cute that I decided to get BOTOX COSMETIC®. And, of course, there's the usual stigma around plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures.

Do you think that stigma is as prevalent as it once was?

No, I think it's falling down fast. I mean, just look at the number of guys signing up for spa treatments and stuff like that — myself included. The numbers are through the roof. We're their fastest-growing customer base. And it's all related. Once you get people used to that as a way of life, it's a very short jump to actually doing something a little more concrete to help your appearance.

Do you get a lot of people commenting on the difference?

Yes. The people who know me well, like family and close friends, noticed the difference. And Karen, who sits across from me and sees me more often than my wife does, said she definitely notices a difference.

Do you think you will do BOTOX COSMETIC® again?

Yes, for sure. Now that I've been so public about doing BOTOX COSMETIC®, I can't exactly go around with these creases around my eyes, can I?

Maybe you can have Dr. Mosher back on the show.

Yes, it would be another good opportunity to educate our listeners about BOTOX COSMETIC®.

*Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary individually.

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