5 Myths About Dermal Fillers

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Besides BOTOX®, dermal filler injections are the most popular cosmetic treatment in the world. Yet myths about fillers such as JUVÉDERM® persist, and it can be difficult to discern fact from fiction while researching dermal fillers. At our Langley, BC, med spa, we answer questions each day about how fillers work and their benefits.

In this blog post, we’ll demystify 5 of the most common misconceptions about dermal fillers.

Myth 1: All dermal fillers are the same.

Most fillers, such as those we use at YES Med Spa, are made with a modified form of hyaluronic acid (HA), a water-loving molecule that’s found naturally in the human body. But there is a wide range of specialized fillers available, each designed to treat specific areas. The JUVÉDERM® Collection of Fillers, for example, includes fillers that restore volume to the cheeks, sculpt a more well-defined jawline, enhance the lips, and soften smile lines. The different formulations of each gel have a specific purpose.

Myth 2: I won’t look like myself.

Photos of celebrities with overinflated lips or unnaturally puffy cheeks have fueled the perception that fillers change your appearance—and not in a good way. When administered by a qualified and experienced injector, however, fillers create a more youthful version of you without fundamentally altering your natural appearance. And, as we mentioned regarding the first myth, the menu of filler options enables injectors to customize treatments for each patient.

Myth 3: Fillers and BOTOX are the same.

Even though BOTOX and fillers both reverse signs of aging, that’s where the similarities end. Dermal fillers are gel-like substances that replace or add volume to the face to create smoother skin and more attractive contours. BOTOX is a neurotoxin that temporarily relaxes the facial muscles used when our faces change expressions. The movement of these muscles creates “dynamic” wrinkles, such as crow’s feet and worry lines. Dermal fillers address “static” wrinkles that develop as our faces lose volume with age. Because they are used to treat different types of wrinkles, patients often combine BOTOX and filler injections during a single appointment.

Myth 4: Fillers are only used to treat wrinkles.

Browsing the Instagram accounts of social media influencers is one way to debunk this myth. Fillers play an essential role in creating an Instagram-ready face, sculpting contoured jawlines, more prominent chins, and higher cheekbones. Facial contouring with dermal fillers can address imperfections that may cause someone to be self-conscious without undergoing surgery. Fillers, for example, alter the shape of a patient’s nose without rhinoplasty.

Myth 5: Getting filler injections is painful.

People who cringe thinking about getting injections actually don’t need to worry. First, the needles used for filler injections are quite small. More importantly, virtually all fillers come pre-mixed with the local anesthetic lidocaine, minimizing any discomfort you might experience during treatment. For patients with a low pain tolerance or those getting injections in more sensitive areas such as the lips, a provider can apply a numbing cream 30 minutes before the procedure to ensure comfort.

Fact: A Consultation Is Your First Step

If you’re getting dermal fillers or other injectables for the first time and are looking in the Vancouver area for a skilled injector, you can request a complimentary consultation at YES Med Spa in Langley using the online form or by calling us at (604) 888-9378 to schedule an appointment.

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