Always Blushing? It Might Be Something Else

If you’re a “blusher,” you already know how frustrating it can be to have your skin give away your feelings before you do. You may go out of your way to avoid situations, emotions, and even food and drink that trigger an episode. But if you find yourself constantly red in the face, you may actually have a condition called rosacea.

In Vancouver and throughout North America, April is Rosacea Awareness Month, and to mark the occasion we want to use this blog post to share information on this common — and commonly misunderstood — condition.

The symptoms of rosacea can vary quite a bit between patients, but it tends to strike adults after age 30. It’s more prevalent in people with light-colored skin and those who were “frequent blushers.” While rosacea usually starts as mild flushing that simply comes and goes, over time it can intensify and create persistent redness that doesn’t go away, visible blood vessels on the skin, and even pimple-like bumps. Rosacea most often appears on the face, but it can extend to the chest, ears, and scalp.

Rosacea’s exact causes are unclear, but certain factors seem to play a role in its development. These include:

  • Inflamed or abnormal blood vessels
  • Infection with H. pylori, a type of gut bacteria that is also linked to stomach ulcers
  • Hereditary factors
  • Emotional and environmental triggers, such as anxiety, alcohol, sunlight, and spicy foods

While some of these factors can be avoided, others can’t. At YES Medspa, we offer a number of treatments for Rosacea to match your lifestyle and the severity of your symptoms. These range from clinical treatment with the Palomar Icon™ MaxG™, an intense pulsed light device that works well on vascular lesions like Rosacea, to topical products you can use at home. Our favorite product is ZO® Medical’s Rozatrol™, a powerful serum containing ingredients that have been shown to treat redness and other symptoms of Rosacea. In one survey, 82% of Rozatrol users reported a visible reduction in the appearance of inflammation.

The causes of Rosacea may still be mysterious, but effective treatments are not. We look forward to helping you find the right option for you here at YES Medspa.

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