Fillers, BOTOX®, or Lasers? Facial Rejuvenation Options

When it comes to choosing a nonsurgical treatment at our medical spa in the Vancouver area, we begin with a thorough Advanced Skin Analysis. During that comprehensive assessment of your skin, we work together to determine which treatments are best suited for your concerns.

Patients wanting to improve on the signs of aging benefit from anti-aging injectables, such as fillers and BOTOX, while those looking to treat acne scars, sun damage, or discoloration may be good candidates for laser skin rejuvenation.

Vancouver-area women and men who come to YES MedSpa and Cosmetic Surgery Centre are often unsure about which treatment to choose (or whether they should opt for surgical intervention instead). So what’s the benefit to each?

Dermal Fillers

Injectable fillers work by restoring volume to facial lines, wrinkles and areas of deflation, creating a more youthful appearance. That’s right, our faces slowly deflate as each tissue layers becomes thinner with age. Lose a substantial amount of weight and areas of your face with deflate and sink even more. Specialized fillers formulated for specific areas of the face, such as the lips and cheeks, can produce great results.

But just because a new product comes on the market, that doesn’t mean it will work better than a tried-and-true filler that I’ve used for years. I have high standards for the fillers I use: They need to have proven, consistent results that are long-lasting. What many patients overlook is that how the treatment is done if much more important that the brand of the filler used.


Most people have heard of BOTOX and know that it’s used to reduce “worry lines” between the eyes and forehead wrinkles. What may be surprising is the product’s versatility, both for facial rejuvenation and other non-cosmetic uses.

In addition to forehead wrinkles, BOTOX minimizes neck bands and crow’s feet around the eyes. It works by temporarily disabling tiny muscles responsible for wrinkles caused by repeated facial expressions such as frowning or squinting — known as “dynamic wrinkles.” BOTOX is also approved for treating hyperhidrosis (i.e., excessive underarm sweating) and it is great for those who just want to have less underarm sweating. Competing products such as Xeomin and Dysport achieve similar outcomes.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

The main advantage to laser skin rejuvenation is that it’s able to improve both the skin’s surface (not just for wrinkles but tone and texture) and that it works synergistically with Fillers and Botox . The skin ages independently from the affects of the underlying muscles and tissue layers thinning. The skin needs to be refreshed if we want to optimize each patients beauty. We usually recommend non-ablative laser skin resurfacing using our Palomar Icon™ fractional laser to improve the skin’s texture and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The “non-ablative” term means that skin surface does not have a wound at the end of the procedure which means recovery is very fast – literally no down-time.

The non-ablative laser is a gentler procedure, it usually requires 3 to 5 treatments performed a month apart to get the desired results. Ablative fractional laser treatments are also available. The SmartXide CO2 laser creates carefully controlled wounds to the skin, triggering the skin’s natural healing process, which in turn produces new collagen within the skin. Patients who need more correction of their skin may choose this in-office procedure. I have been using Laser resurfacing devices since 1996 and the SmartXide device is remarkably effective for patients without more than a few days of social down-time.

As I mentioned earlier, there are limits to the improvements that nonsurgical aesthetic treatments can make, and there are times when surgical intervention is needed to meet a patient’s cosmetic goals. I have the unique opportunity to educate patients about all of the options and together we can agree on a customized solution.

4 Responses to Fillers, BOTOX®, or Lasers? Facial Rejuvenation Options

  • Kelly Erker says:

    I’d like to know the pricing on fillers/Botox please. Do you offer packages ie. 10 or more for $ etc? Do I need to book a consultation like I have previously for other questions? Thanks

    • Dr. Mathew Mosher says:

      Hello Kelly,

      Thank you for your inquiry. If you have not already, please give our office a call at 604-888-9378. A member of my team will be able to answer all of your questions.

    • Dr. Mathew Mosher says:

      Thank you for your comment! There are a few different options to improve the appearance of one’s neck. In some cases, non-surgical options such as Venus Legacy or a combination of Botox & Filers can help provide the desired improvement. For others, surgical procedures are necessary to achieve the desired degree of change. We encourage you to contact our office and one of our knowledgeable surgical coordinators can provide you with more specific answers to your questions.

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