Hair Removal: Why We Prefer the Vectus® Laser

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This time of year is–perhaps surprisingly–an ideal time to pursue laser hair removal treatments. In addition to ensuring your skin will be smooth and soft in time for summer, undergoing laser hair removal in the fall and winter often improves results. Because your skin is likely to have lower levels of melanin–the brown pigment that produces the look of a tan- in the cooler months, laser hair removal treatments are easier and safer. Our treatment providers and patients at YES Medspa prefer the Vectus® laser for laser hair removal in Vancouver, and in this blog, we will explore what makes it one of the best lasers on the market.

To understand the appeal of the Vectus® laser, it’s important to understand the technical aspects of laser hair removal. During the treatment, the laser energy targets the colour pigment of the hair and conducts heat energy down the hair follicle. The heat energy damages the hair follicle, severely limiting and even stopping further hair growth. In order to be most effective, the hair follicle must be actively growing when treated. Because each hair follicle grows in cycles at its own rate, multiple treatments–typically 6–are required to ensure lasting smoothness.

At YES Medspa, we prefer the Vectus® laser for several reasons. First, it has the largest treatment spot size and the most uniform beam profile available on the market. This means that it’s simply more powerful and can treat a larger surface area faster. Additionally, the Vectus® hand-piece is fitted with sapphire treatment tips with Advanced Contact Cooling™ that help protect the outermost layers of skin and keep you comfortable throughout your treatment. Perhaps the most exciting feature of Vectus® laser is the integrated Skintel™ Melanin Reader™. This FDA-cleared feature actually reads the melanin density in your skin at the time of treatment, allowing our providers to offer treatments that are customized to your colouration. This in turn makes laser hair removal with Vectus® incredibly effective. The Skintel™ Melanin Reader™ also makes treatment with the Vectus® laser safer than any other laser on the market by reducing the risk of over-treatment.

What to Expect From Your Treatment

We make every effort to ensure that your treatment with the Vectus® laser is as comfortable and effective as possible. You can anticipate an initial consultation with one of our Medspa technicians, as well as a meeting with one of our plastic surgeons to further outline your treatment plan.

Just before your procedure, we recommend that you shave the hair that is to be targeted. This allows for a more effective treatment. We use a cool gel to regulate temperature during treatment and protect your skin. Your provider moves the Vectus® hand-piece over your skin. During this time, the laser delivers pulses of energy which are absorbed by the pigment in the hair shaft.

The length of your treatment is dependent on the area you’re treating. Smaller areas, such as the face, can require only a few minutes, while larger areas, such as the legs, can take 30 minutes to complete. You may experience some minor discomfort; many people liken the sensation of laser hair removal to that of a rubber band snapping against the skin. After treatment, we’ll apply a sunscreen to soothe and protect your skin.

Don’t waste any more time on the unrelenting rituals of hair removal! Call YES Medspa to learn more about how our expertise and innovative technology can help you achieve Your Esthetic Solution.

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