Introducing the Latest in Facial Anti-Aging Technology: EMFACE™

Our patients have been asking our advice about cosmetic treatments and surgery for more than two decades. As a Plastic Surgeon, I am constantly being pitched by companies wanting me to utilize and endorse their latest device or product. Although innovation in the cosmetic surgical and wellness space is constant, many devices and products have little or no evidence to support their claims. Even worse, some treatments currently available are not even approved by Health Canada or are being delivered by unqualified providers. So knowing which platforms and treatments to offer our patients at YES is always an important and thorough decision.

When a new device or product in the aesthetic space catches my interest, I have not only an obligation to my patients but also a personal passion to dig deeper and really understand the science and clinical evidence behind each device on behalf of our patients. That way, when we bring something new to YES, we can all feel confident that it will be something great! Y.E.S stands for Your Esthetic Solutions and everyone here; our front reception team, our skilled medical aestheticians, specialized physicians & surgeons, and our surgical nurses are dedicated to finding the prefect solution for each of our patients.

How do I make my decision as to which products and services are best for YES patients?

4 key decision making criteria:

Is this device supported by science and clinical white papers?: This is one of the most important aspects of our research. We want to be 100% confident that the treatments and products we recommend to our clients have a proven success rate.

Is it safe & effective?: This one should be obvious… Patient safety is our #1 priority here at YES. Every single one of our clients should be comfortable and confident that the treatments they are receiving are safe and effective.

Is it what our patients want?: This is a biggest question we ask ourselves when looking for new technology. Is this new technology something that is going to do the same thing that we already offer? Are our clients asking for a solution for this specific problem?

Is it better than the rest on the market?: More often than not, there are multiple treatments on the market that claim to treat the same patient concerns. We take the time to trial and directly compare the competing technologies to get a better understanding of each treatment option.


After months of research, we are very excited to bring EMFACE™ to YES Medspa, a new technology that is positioned to disrupt the facial aesthetic world as we know it!

EMFACE ™ involves no needles, no bruising and no pain. Each 20 minute session delivers radiofrequency energy that stimulates collagen & elastin in the skin and High Intensity electromagnetic stimulation (HIFES™) energy to selectively contract and strengthen facial muscles in the cheeks and forehead. A weekly treatment for 4 weeks achieves visible elevation and strengthening of the soft tissues that lasts for months. Annual maintenance treatments can even be combined with your annual Prescription for Beauty injectable treatment for a comprehensive visit.

EMFACE ™ is great for those patients wanting to avoid injections and surgery but it is equally useful for patients wanting to complement other services offered at YES.

EMFACE ™ is also a game changer for those wanting to be proactive about their facial aging AND for those wanting to look their best without having to tell others their secret to successful aging.

Are you ready to learn more about your non-surgical, anti-aging options? Call (604) 888-9378 to request you personal consultation today ! Be one of the first to experience this amazing new technology.

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