Selecting a Laser Clinic: Making the Right Decision

Laser treatments are becoming more and more popular in the Vancouver area and clinics can be found almost everywhere. With their coupons and convenient locations, it can be tempting to go to the lowest cost provider for your laser treatments.  However, it is important to remember that laser treatments are in fact medical procedures and the decision of who you trust to administer this treatment should not be taken lightly. Spend a little extra time researching your potential clinics before making your final decision to ensure you are investing in the right clinic for you.

To help you know what to look for during your research, we’ve created a brief overview of the most important criteria for selecting a laser clinic.

Is The Doctor In?

Is there a physician supervising and directing the treatments offered at your selected Medspa or Laser clinic? Are they on site during your appointment and treatment? What are the physician’s credentials?

It is imperative that whoever runs the laser clinic understands the intricacies of and be regularly involved in aesthetic medicine. Aesthetic procedures should not be an afterthought to their business. Although anyone can take a course and become certified to perform laser treatments, not all physicians and technicians are trained to understand the complexities and potential risks of the procedures. Due to their nature, skin treatments involving lasers should always be performed under the supervision of a Royal College certified plastic surgeon or Royal College certified dermatologist. Each patient’s treatment plan should also be reviewed by the supervising physician to ensure that the laser treatment being performed is safe and also effective for their unique needs.

Are the Treatments Effective?

Yes, when the appropriate laser is selected and the treatment is administered correctly, laser treatments can be very effective. Price is always going to be a factor when considering to invest in laser treatments. However it is important to weigh the added benefit of technician skill and laser effectiveness to price when making your decision. Ask yourself, is price more important than your safety or the results of your treatment?

Although it may save you a few dollars up front, opting to go to the cheapest laser provider in the area is not always the best option. Laser treatments are an investment into your skin health and well-being, so you want to make sure you are selecting the clinic and treatment that is the best value for your overall goals.  It is also important to research the type of lasers offered at each clinic and whether or not they are approved by Health Canada for the treatment you are considering. It is a good idea to also inquire about the availability of the clinic’s “before and after” images of previous clients. Are they available or does the clinic only offer manufacturer supplied before and after images? This will give you an idea of expected results with your chosen clinic.

Who Will Operate the Laser Device?

When it comes to lasers, experience counts!

Make sure the practitioner of your laser treatment has undergone the required training and has the necessary experience to ensure a safe and effective treatment. When inquiring about the treatment, also inquire about the provider’s certifications.

Although laser treatments seem simple and noninvasive, all medical treatments carry some risk. It is important that your laser practitioner has not only been trained on how to use the machine, but also how to properly assess patients and identify the signs of potential complications. Your laser practitioner must be able to evaluate your skin prior to every treatment to ensure you are still a good candidate for treatment. Any change to your skin, even something as simple as a suntan can significantly impact your results and sometimes even damage your skin.

Why YES Medspa?

At YES Medspa, your medical history and treatment plan will be reviewed in office by our medical director, Dr. Mosher, prior to any laser treatment. He is a Royal College certified plastic surgeon with over 22 years’ experience and extensive training in the cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. Dr. Mosher ensures that your customized treatment plan is not only safe but also effective. Our team of highly trained technicians fully understand the important relationship between your aesthetic appearance and your well-being and are dedicated to providing you with the best results possible.  At YES Medspa we only use the most up to date, innovative and effective laser platforms on the market.

Our team is knowledgeable in both anatomy and physiology and is able to assess your particular needs in consultation. Our skilled team will also review your medical history and examine the treatment area before each session.

Dr. Mosher also works on site, which means he is available to provide his professional & medical opinion to our Medspa patients during their visit. He is dedicated to providing the most effective solution to his patients and will always recommend the treatment (surgical or non-surgical) he believes will help each patient best achieve their goals.

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