What’s In Your Makeup?

Investing in medical grade skin care is important for the overall health of your skin. However, many people forget that their makeup effects their skin as well. If poor-quality make-up is applied on top of your daily skincare it may actually be a contributing factor to your reoccurring skin concerns. For example, your dry, flaky skin could actually be a reaction to your cosmetics. The foundation you wear to cover your imperfections could actually be contributing to them.

We sometimes forget that our skin is a dynamic, living organ. It’s important to remember that what ever you apply to your skin, becomes absorbed into the skin tissue and can effect overall skin health. Research has shown that roughly 60% of the products we use on our skin are absorbed and deposited into our circulatory system (Fairley, 2001). The majority of generic over- the-counter cosmetics are made up of a “cocktail” of petroleum-based by-products and synthetic chemicals. Now knowing that over half of the ingredients in your makeup end up in your bloodstream; why would you not choose natural, non-toxic mineral based cosmetics?

Cosmetics from trendy make-up stores are not cheap. In fact, the foundation ‘created’ by your favorite celebrity could be more expensive than its mineral alternative. If you’re already investing in “trendy” cosmetics, why not invest in a mineral based product that can get the job done and actually be healthy for your skin?

At YES, we recommend mineral make-up to all of our clients to help keep their skin healthy. Much like medical-grade skincare, mineral makeup is an important investment into healthy skin.

Natural mineral makeup such as, jane iredale, is made without harsh chemicals or additives that further irritate your skin. This makeup uses mineral pigments for color rather than artificial colors and essential oils rather than wax to give you a more natural look. Mineral makeup also allows your skin to breathe throughout the day and will not clog your pores or cause further breakouts. This line comes with just as many options as other makeup brands. Everything from powder, to liquid foundation, BB creams and lip stains. One of our favourite features is the fact that the foundations provide SPF 25 protection, so you know your skin is always protected from the aging effects of the sun.

If you’re interested in learning more about mineral makeup, give YES Medspa a call. Or come visit us for a free foundation colour matching. 604-888-9397

Fairley, Josephine, (2001). Organic Beauty, DK Publishing, London.

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