Our Favorite Winter Skincare Tips

At our Vancouver Medspa, we know just how hard Canadian winters can be on the skin.

With cold, windy conditions outdoors and hot, dry conditions indoors your skin can be left feeling tight, itchy, and uncomfortable. Plus, if you’re traveling for the holidays, the added stress of air travel and poor conditions inside a plane can cause lingering dryness. Whether you’re staying close to home or taking to the skies this holiday season, we want to help keep your skin feeling comfortable and looking radiant. Let’s review our favorite skincare tips for this special time of year.

Home for the Holidays

Our cold Canadian air contributes to dry skin, leading to dullness in addition to uncomfortable itchiness. To counteract these effects, start protecting your skin at home. Skincare products such as ZO® Exfoliating Polish gently slough away dry, dead skin (help) which allows your moisturizer and other products to penetrate deeper. Additionally, choose a hydrating product that stimulates your skin’s own moisture balancing powers, such as ZO® Daily Power Defense. This product contains several key skincare players, including vitamin E, ceramides, and special enzymes that work together to restore skin’s lipid barrier and keep moisture in.

Winter is also an excellent time to increase the intensity of your current at-home regimen. Because daily sun exposure is usually more limited, you can comfortably and safely increase the frequency of your use of products such as retinol to treat your skin concerns more aggressively. If you want to start a more aggressive skin care winter program, call one of our YES team members for your customized skin care plan.

For the Jet-Set

When you’re on a plane, even just for a few hours, your body is exposed to recirculated air that’s drier and much colder than normal. This causes your skin to quickly become dehydrated. To help counteract this, increase your water intake both before and during your flight. Avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages, since these can exacerbate dryness.

By stimulating your skin’s natural hydration process and choosing products that help your skin to maintain its moisture, you can further defend against parched plane air. Again, we recommend ZO® Daily Power Defense for its superior support of the skin’s lipid barrier.

Our Medspa staff can help too! Before your trip, book a treatment such as HydraFacial® or even a light chemical peel to remove any dead skin cells and increase the effectiveness of your hydrating products. While you’re in the office, you can pick up the ZO® Fundamental Travel Kit,  which contains smaller-sized versions of Exfoliating Cleanser, Exfoliating Polish, Daily Power Defense, Sunscreen + Primer, and TE-Pads–everything you need to keep your skin feeling great, no matter how far you roam.


If you’re headed for a sunny destination or plan to spend your vacation mostly outdoors, avoid high-potency retinol products, as these can make your skin quite sensitive and more reactive to UV rays.  Finally, don’t forget to protect your skin with sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher. Sun damage doesn’t make for a nice souvenir.

We want to make sure your skin doesn’t stress you out this season. Call us at (604) 888-9397 to discuss your personalized winter skin routine. We’re here to help you find Your Esthetic Solutions.

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